Honda has just launched a new campaign focused on the US market to build its “Power of Dreams” theme. It’s essentially a website with a collection of short documentary films. The website just went up and will start off with 3 films, with more to be added later in the coming months. This is the first of the three films called “Failure: The Secret to Success”, which encourages you to not be afraid to try something new.

It features various Honda-affiliates personalities such as Danica Patrick, who drives a Dallara Honda IndyCar race car. She was also scheduled to become a test driver for the Honda F1 team, but it was called off and in the end Honda pulled out of F1 altogether.

After the first half of the video it starts getting really interesting because we get to hear engineers talking about engines blowing into millions of pieces during early trials. Just FYI, here’s a short intro to the Honda IndyCar engine. It’s a 3.5 litre normally aspirated 32 valve V8 putting out an estimated 650 horsepower on 100% fuel-grade ethanol, and revs up to a 10,300rpm rev-limited redline.

One thing though, Honda seems to like video-based campaigns alot. Another video-centric online campaign by Honda is their Drive Every Drop online travel show. Anyway please watch the video after the jump.

Video: “Failure: The Secret to Success”