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Those hits just keep on coming. Yet again do we have another recall, this one in the US and from BMW. Following the recall issued earlier in the month regarding defective brake vacuum pumps (which translated into a ‘technical service campaign’ locally), BMW has – through its North American office – issued a recall for more than 150,000 vehicles made in 2007-2010 to fix faulty fuel pumps, primarily high-pressure units in cars equipped with twin-turbo inline six-cylinder engines featuring BMW’s direct fuel injection system.

The company says that affected vehicles may experience a failure of the high-pressure fuel pump, with symptoms including long-crank engine starting times along along with the illumination of the “Service Engine Soon” light. In certain cases, the driver may experience reduced engine performance in a safe mode accompanied by a tone and the illumination of the “Engine Malfunction” light.

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Approximately 130,000 vehicles are potentially affected, with about 40,000 expected to require a new pump. BMW USA said it will replace the high-pressure fuel pump and do a software update for the necessary vehicles. Affected models are the 2007–2010 335i, 2008–2010 135i, 535i and X6 xDrive35i and the 2010 Z4 Roadster sDrive35i.

Separately, a further 20,800 2008 normally-aspirated X5s in the US were also recalled to have their low-pressure fuel pump replaced. BMW said that should the fuel pump fail and the engine stop running, the steering and the brakes would still remain operational even with the loss of power assist for the steering and brakes.

The company said that there have been no reports of accidents or injuries connected to the recalls.