This is the Nissan INVITATION Concept which Nissan will be exhibiting at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show as a preview for a future B-segment vehicle, due to be launched from 2013.

Nissan says the production INVITATION hatchback will be sold alongside the Micra city car and the Juke crossover. Many publications are speculating that the production version of the INVITATION will replace the Nissan Note, which is due for replacement as the first generation has been around since 2004.

I can’t help but feel the INVITATION looks more like a Tiida/Latio hatch than a Note, due to a lack of a taller roofline. However, the new B-segment Tiida/Latio has already been unveiled at Shanghai, though curiously it hasn’t gone on sale yet in countries like the US even though the Micra-based sedan counterpart have already been launched in these countries.

The INVITATION is a pretty good looking concept car, and we hope that much of it gets translated into production, instead of how the original Versa concept (which was very good looking) became the Latio hatch on sale in our country now (not as good looking).

Also making its debut with the INVITATION is Nissan’s advanced Around View Monitor (AVM) safety technology – seen for the first time on a B-segment car – which makes reversing and parallel parking as stress-free as possible.

As for the name, Nissan Deputy Division General Manager of Product Strategy and Product Planning Division Francois Bancon said the name INVITATION is self-explanatory, that the car is designed to be inviting thanks to its sensuous exterior design and generous and comfortable interior space, cleverly packaged within compact overall dimensions.