Well, you’ll be seeing Datsuns on the road again, and nearby at that. Not quite rebuilt 120Ys though. Seems Nissan’s old brand name is being revived for use on low-priced vehicles tailored for emerging markets, and Indonesia is one of the countries that will feature entry-level Datsuns when the brand re-emerges in 2014.

According to the Nikkei, the vehicles, which will be priced at around 500,000 yen, will initially be built and sold in India, Indonesia and Russia, with a rather moderate annual sales volume of 300,000 units being targeted.

The return of the Datsun name is supposed to be only in those markets, but you can imagine that there’ll be expansion if things go well. The mothballed brand – which was created during Nissan’s early days and was discontinued from the mid ’80s – was synonymous with small, inexpensive cars, and the upcoming revival essentially marks a return to the roots.

Models are set to be tailored to the specific needs of each market. The vehicles will meet safety standards, but will utilise inexpensive parts and materials as well as drop dispensable features such as cabin noise reduction, the report adds. And, a Datsun network of dealerships are set to emerge.

The Datsuns that will be produced for India and Indonesia will feature Nissan’s low-cost V-platform, and 90% or more of the parts for the models will be locally made. In India, a 1.0 litre vehicle is expected to retail for around 300,000 rupees, or roughly 500,000 yen, which is half the price of a March hatchback that uses the same platform. In Russia, platforms from local automaker Avtovaz will provide the basis for Datsuns there, with initial plans aiming to deploy a 800cc model.