Well, it looks like the wait for the Proton Prevé is almost over, if the photos seen on funtasticko are right – the ‘test drive’ stickers and the phone number at the rear cannot hint it any clearer.

What is set to be certain is the name, Prevé. It means ‘to prove’ in Spanish; just in case you don’t already know. Incidentally, I googled up its pronunciation and it is said as ‘preev’ and not ‘preff’ or ‘perve’. Let’s say it right the first time, shall we?

In any case, we’ve already compiled a whole encyclopedia on the topic – from the leaked spec sheet to videos – and you only have to key in ‘Proton Preve’ in our handy search box. Or, just click here.

So, all that’s missing from the jigsaw is the official price and when it’s going to be launched.