Proton has added two new slides to the Proton “Iriz” Compact car’s microsite. One of them shows a cropped view of the car’s engine bay, showing us how the new engine’s cover looks like.

There’s the letters VVT on the engine cover, which stands for Variable Valve Timing. The teaser doesn’t go in-depth about it though, for example – we don’t know whether the VVT implementation is on the intake valves only or both the intake and exhaust. The only other Proton engine with VVT right now is the turbocharged Campro CFE, which has VVT on the intake side only.

Proton’s Campro engine started off as a plain vanilla DOHC engine. Campro CPS added variable valve lift and a variable length intake manifold, switching between two profiles. The Campro IAFM engine added a variable length intake manifold to vanilla Campro. Later, an improved IAFM+ engine was introduced, together with a new CVT gearbox to go with it. Finally, there’s the Campro CFE we mentioned above.


The other teaser shows a cropped shot of the new hatchback’s leather seats, which we presume will only be available on the higher end models.

Proton also mentions a 3D-stitched leather-textured instrumentation panel, which could refer to the faux leather stitching that we saw on the car’s dashboard.

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