2016 Honda Civic 180Turbo China 1

The tenth-generation Honda Civic has already made its debut in China, where it is offered in four Civic 220Turbo variants, all powered by the brand’s 1.5 litre VTEC Turbo engine. It appears that a new, smaller-engined version will soon join the lone offering there, according to spyshots from PC Auto.

Set to be called the Civic 180Turbo, the new entrant will be powered by a 1.0 litre turbocharged three-cylinder VTEC engine. The mill has yet to be made available on any Civic model worldwide, but was earlier confirmed for the European market Civic, which will be launched in 2017.

The Civic 180Turbo will effectively become the new base model in the Civic range for the Chinese market, positioned below the 220Turbo. Both cars will be produced as part of a domestic joint venture between Honda and Dongfeng Motors.

In terms of power, the turbo three-pot produces 129 PS and 200 Nm in prototype guise (on a Euro Civic hatch), which is 12 PS less but 26 Nm more torque than the R18Z1 1.8 litre naturally-aspirated engine. Compared to the larger 1.5 litre VTEC Turbo, the smaller mill is at a 44 PS and 20 Nm disadvantage.

As the new base model, the Civic 180Turbo will lose out on some equipment. Exterior-wise, the LED headlamps are now halogen units instead, and the two-tone alloy wheels have been replaced with smaller, single-coloured ones.

A shot of the interior also reveals a simplified multi-function steering wheel that no longer has controls on its right side. Elsewhere, the touchscreen infotainment unit appears to be omitted, and fabric now adorns the seats and various areas of the car. Look closely, and you’ll see a manual gear shifter, as opposed to a gear selector for the CVT on the Civic 220Turbo.

In China, the Civic 220Turbo comes in four variants, and is priced from 129,900 yuan to 169,900 yuan (RM81,100 to RM106,073). The upcoming Civic 180Turbo will likely be priced less, although it is yet unknown how many variants for the 1.0L model will be offered. Would you be interested in a 1.0 litre turbo VTEC engine for the Civic?

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