For some, it is half-jokingly referred to as the millennial anti-theft device. For others, the manual transmission’s gradual fade into obsolescence is viewed with rather less humour and more sadness, as the three-pedal, H-gate do-it-yourself configuration is widely considered to be among the defining elements of a driving enthusiast’s car.

Most Malaysians will have learnt to drive in a manual transmission-equipped car, with some recent exceptions. These, then, should be at least somewhat familiar with manual gearbox operation, though this as a choice for daily use is by far the exception rather than the norm. Locally, the brightest star from the Honda product line-up in this regard is the FK8 Civic Type R.

In the interests of preserving this skill, Honda in North America has released this video for a concise explanation on the basics of driving with a manual transmission. For all but the youngest of our readers, this may be a bit of preaching to the choir, but if you’re about to take that first step into hands-on motoring, do have a gander.

GALLERY: 2017 FK8 Honda Civic Type R in Malaysia