The Proton 1-Tank Adventure 2019, which kicked off with the opening round in Peninsular Malaysia over the Malaysia Day weekend, reached Sabah last weekend for the second round.

Participants from the Land Below the Wind went on a scenic 525 km journey from Kota Kinabalu to the northernmost tip of Borneo in Kudat, before heading to Kundasang at the foot of Mount Kinabalu and returning to the state capital.

From the coastal city that is KK, the roads leading inland includes steep sections. Despite the longer distance covered this year (last year’s route was 420 km), tougher driving conditions (terrain and heavy traffic) and the need to maintain a high average speed, the 2019 Proton Iriz, Persona and Saga delivered impressive results while winning praises on handling, comfort and safety features from the participants.

As expected, the FC tally wasn’t as low as the figures from the first leg. The best results achieved, verified by scrutineers from the Malaysia Speed Festival (MSF), were 6.06 litres per 100 km (16.5 km/l) for the Iriz, an event best 5.75 litres per 100 km (17.4 km/l) for the Saga and 5.81 litres 100 km (17.2 km/l) for the Persona. The best theoretical maximum range achieved, based on the cars’ 40 litre fuel tanks, was 601 km.

The organisers say that the results were impressive because a strict time limit was set at each checkpoint to ensure that participants keep to a minimum average speed – for safety reasons, and to ensure that the figures were obtained under real-world driving conditions.

As with the first leg, the Sabah round of the 1-Tank Adventure also gave an opportunity for Proton to demonstrate the attributes of its cars, and for the owners to get to know their cars better. Proton says that the dynamic driving exercise saw the majority of participants pushing a car to its dynamic limits for the first time ever.

“I love my Proton Saga as it is easy to drive and park and has been very reliable, but having tested the new Iriz over the last two days, I think I may have a new favourite Proton model. I really like the way it looks and drives because it feels secure yet fun. I also love the intelligent infotainment system, while the fuel economy is truly surprising. I would not hesitate to recommend this car to anyone as I think it’s very impressive,” said Queennera Francine Francis Kitingan, a DJ from Kupi FM.

“The Sabah leg of this year’s 1-Tank Adventure was very challenging but we were confident of everyone completing the course safely. The participants also had an opportunity to test their cars in driving conditions that would allow them to experience the safety equipment and dynamic abilities of their cars, which proved that our cars offer the best value and driving experience among all vehicles in their class,” said Proton CEO Li Chunrong.

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