I feel like we’re in an Episode of X-Files or something here. From these new photos sent in by reader KK Chen it is pretty much confirmed – the Exora that wasn’t really an Exora that we checked out earlier yesterday wasn’t an effect of a ‘squashed’ image. It’s something completely different. Here you can see both a real Exora and the mysterious new prototype vehicle with a mix of Exora sheetmetal covering it side by side.

And here’s a closer look at the mysterious new prototype. Is this the upcoming Persona replacement model built on a variant of the Exora platform (and disguised with Exora sheetmetal) with a multi-link suspension instead of the Exora’s torsion beam?

The Exora’s platform is definitely capable of that, in fact it was one of the features touted during the Exora’s technical briefing when it was first launched. Or is this a completely different vehicle? Whatever it is, this is NOT some kind of ‘Exora coupe’, the Exora sheetmetal and headlamps etc are likely just a disguise.

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