For those who weren’t there live at the 2009 Tokyo Motorshow, you can still have a glimpse at what an international motorshow is like. Because of the high costs of travel, alot of us will probably only get to visit the KL motorshow or perhaps the ones up north in Thailand or down south in Singapore (which was really bad last year). Honda has recorded some videos of their HELLO! Zone exhibition launch, including their President’s opening speech.

The HELLO! (Honda Electric mobility Loop) Zone features electricity-based products, including products that supply electricity, vehicles that run on electricity and other electricity-related products.

Basically the HELLO! Zone covered the main stage of the Honda booth, but the rest of the area was filled with other models, like the Honda Freed.On the overall, the entire motorshow was really downsized this year. There were only Japanese manufacturers and a handful of 3 to 4 overseas brands, but even then they weren’t big players. The organisers had to fill the spaces up with various other displays such as an awards showcase and a gallery of paintings.It was much more massive two years ago, with the displays covering two different halls. The bikes, buses and trucks were in a separate hall which you had to walk a good distance to reach – and it was quite tiring when you have to lug around all the press kits and your heavy bag. This year, everything is in one hall and just over half a working day was enough to cover everything complete with photos.

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