When Honda unveiled the tenth-generation Civic, it revealed that the model will be offered in several versions. This includes a sedan, coupe, Si models, a five-door hatchback, and a high-performance Type R variant.

That last bit does stir up some excitement because a next-gen Honda Civic Type R is certainly an exciting prospect for fans of the FD2 (or FD2R), which was made available to Malaysians at a previous OTR price of RM199,800. Currently, the Civic Type R exists in the form of the FK2 hatchback for Europe.

We’ve already seen several spyshots of a camouflaged Civic five-door hatchback undergoing testing on the track, complete with many indicators that point to it being a Type R test mule. These include more aggressive bumpers, a large rear wing, and a triple exhaust pipe setup.


Thanks to digital manipulator Theophilus Chin, we now have a first look at what the finished product could possibly look like, and it certainly looks very menacing. Looking impressive in this imposing shade of red, we can’t wait to see one in the iconic Championship White paint.

At the front, the side intakes of the lower fascia has been expanded to better feed cool air to the massive Brembo brakes, with an outlet just behind the wheel arches. On the test mule, that section of the car was largely taped off, leaving just a tiny slit at the edge instead.

The five twin-spoke wheel design is retained here as well, finished in black. Also present is the large rear spoiler with red fins. Moving downwards, the “Type R” badging is another indicator of the high-performance nature of the car, if it wasn’t clear already.

Where the test mule had disproportionately sized exhaust pipes, Theo’s render standardises them to look more “normal” again.

Under the hood, the Civic Type R is expected to adopt the FK2’s 2.0 litre turbocharged VTEC engine. Whether it will have more power than the current car’s 310 PS and 400 Nm of torque remains to be seen.

What do you think of this next-generation Honda Civic Type R rendering? Would you prefer it to the current FK?