Honda CR-V Facelift Review 5

October seems to be a good month for those hunting for car deals. This time, it’s Honda Malaysia with the promotion, and it involves seven models across the range, with up to RM7,000 off list prices.

Those buying the City, Jazz, latest Accord facelift, HR-V, CR-V and Odyssey stand to get a “year-end bonus” ranging between RM2,000 to RM6,000. Buyers of all the models above, plus the Civic, will also get a preloaded Touch n Go card worth RM1,000.

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However, Honda Malaysia says that the Touch n Go card can also be had as a cash option, which means that instead of cash + TnG, one can have it all in cash.

This means that the ‘total package value’ column effectively shows the total discount amount – RM7k for variants of the Jazz and CR-V; RM6k for the City; RM3k for the Accord, HR-V and Odyssey; and RM1k for the Civic. There are also “special gifts” of buyers, while stocks last.

The promo is for this month, ending October 31.