Perodua has launched the Perodua Total Protect programme – the manufacturer’s motor insurance programme which offers additional benefits and extended protection for Perodua owners. This provides full coverage of the vehicle’s insured sum for the first five years of the vehicle’s age, instead of market value at the time of loss, according to Perodua.

Coverage by the Perodua Total Protect programme includes 10 years’ coverage on excess, loading and betterment, which means that the insurance panel partaking in the programme will waive additional, excess, or betterment charges for up to 10 years. The programme also includes the Auto Assist free-of-charge towing service with 24/7 coverage, subject to terms and conditions.

The Auto Assist function that is part of the Perodua Total Protect programme also provides emergency evacuation services, where Auto Assist personnel will offer medical evacuation from the accident scene to the nearest hospital or medical facility.

For this, the Auto Assist member or its authorised driver is eligible for emergency medical services. In the event of such emergencies, Auto Assist will also contact the driver’s family members when the service is utilised. Additionally, Perodua Total Protect will also offer transport assistance in the form of discounts for car rentals of up to 30% when the eligible owners are awaiting repairs, as well as free accommodation for accident cases.

Flood damage is also covered, as are cases of vehicle break-in, loss of personal belongings, or theft, as well as non-insurance repair claims. Bereavement expenses are also covered, and the coverage extends to occurences in Singapore and parts of Thailand.

“With this programme, our customers are also guaranteed genuine parts when repairing their Perodua vehicles at our authorised after-sales facilities,” said managing director of Perodua Sales, Datuk Dr. Zahari Husin.