The race to improve battery range and charging times continues, and Honda aims to roll out vehicles capable of fully charging their batteries in 15 minutes by 2022, according to the Asian Nikkei Review. By that time, the Japanese automaker plans to release a range of pure EV models which a capable of 240 km on a single, 15-minute charge.

Integral to this development is a new high-capacity battery which can sustain this rate of quick charging, sourced from Panasonic, among other component suppliers. Honda also has plans to build the new batteries with a partner (which will be chosen later), while ongoing developments for lighter chassis and more efficient electric drive and management systems aim to further maximise range on a full charge.

Chargers in Japan at present offer a maximum output of 150 kW, though plans within the greater automotive industry aim to raise that to 350 kW from 2020 – Porsche is one such company with 350 kW chargers set up in Berlin, and Europe is expected to have a network of several thousand such charging stations by 2020. Honda will surely be capitalising on said advancements in order to realise its quick-charging EV goals.

For comparison, the second-generation Nissan Leaf, which is slated to arrive in Malaysia next year, can be charged up to 80% capacity in 40 minutes using a CHAdeMO charging socket. Honda unveiled a duo of EV concepts this year, namely the Urban EV Concept in Frankfurt and the Sports EV Concept in Tokyo, with the former slated to come to production in 2019.

GALLERY: Honda Urban EV concept

GALLERY: Honda Sports EV concept