An audit has revealed there may be traces of bribery between Proton and the media when it comes to reviewing Proton cars.

Apparently Proton had been very generous with the time spans it allows a journalist to keep the review car, and had handed out more than 70 cars so far – with 30 allocated to the media.

There has been cases where NSTP motoring journalists have been assigned Gen.2 and Savvy cars and were told to keep it for an unlimited period. They were told to report back on any problems over long-term use. To me, this sounds like a plausible reason. I frankly do not know what the fuss is about.

The normal review period for a car is usually between 3 days to a week. The Gen2 was returned after 8 months, and the Savvy after 2 months.

Investigations are still underway.