Proton’s new Proton Savvy facelift was launched in Taiwan on the 3rd of January 2007, and sports a few changes, mainly on the rear end design as well as the interior. Previously we’ve tasted a sneak preview of the new Proton Savvy facelift at the A1 Grand Prix, where a few facelifted Proton Savvy cars were on the track, as seen in previous photos. The new Savvy facelift was supposed to be launched here in Malaysia sometime late last year shortly after the A1 Grand Prix, but it was postponed for reasons unknown at this point. Anyway, the Taiwan Proton Savvy facelift is a left hand drive car, so check out the post after the jump to see what’s new with the Proton Savvy facelift, as well as see what a left hand drive Proton Savvy looks like on the interior.


This is a welcome change, a modified rear end design. Proton seems to have removed the underdeveloped “conjoined sibling” in the form of a Proton Waja front end lookalike from the rear end of the Proton Savvy, so no more jokes about people getting confused if a particular car is a Proton Savvy reversing or a Proton Waja moving forwards. The new design removes the upsidedown triangle design, and moves the Proton logo higher.


The interior trim, mainly around the door panels are now gray and silver, instead of the previous Proton Savvy’s gray, black and cream mix which many thought did not suit the character of the car. A fully gray interior better suits the image the car is supposed to portray. Proton had realised this earlier though, and gave the Proton Satria Neo a fully gray interior as well.


Instead of our integrated Clarion head unit, the Taiwan spec Proton Savvy gets a DVD video and audio player which comes with an integrated LCD. I’m not sure if this is relevant to our market at all, but since I am reporting on the Taiwanese Savvy launch, I just thought I’d mention it.


It’s not known at this moment when this facelifted Proton Savvy will be launched in Malaysia, but if you prefer the current reversed Proton Waja design, do go out and buy your Proton Savvy now before they start selling the facelifted model.