New Honda Accord Interior Image
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The Mags Report has images of the new 2008 Honda Accord interior and they look like they were taken from the back seat of the car, apparently leaked from a camera carried by someone on one of the product brochure shoots.

We can see that the 2008 Honda Accord’s interior is more of an evolution rather than a revolution of the current Accord’s interior which is totally fine by me as the current Accord already has a pretty fine interior. The audio and air conditioning control area has been slimmed down and moved lower to make room for a satellite navigation screen above it.

It would be cool if we can get an Accord with sat nav here in Malaysia. If it happens, it would be the first car under RM200,000 that has a built-in GPS satellite navigation system with Malaysian and Singaporean maps straight from the factory. Otherwise the Malaysian Accord will most likely get a little cubbyhole handy for storing small items like your mobile phone in place of the LCD screen, and a slightly different audio and air conditioning panel.

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