Proton’s Motorsport division lads have certainly been busy bees. The Satria Neo R3 Supercharged seen recently hasn’t been the only thing worked on, it seems.

Say hello to the ARTIGA Concept, which Proton – or rather, Youngman – has unveiled at Auto Shanghai. It’s another Satria Neo-based offering the company says is a study on the future of the hot hatch for Proton, one inspired by its participation in motorsports, but taken to a new level.

Unlike the supercharged R3 Neo, the debutant in China is less flashy colour-wise, clad in a more stoic grey tone, but in terms of exterior lines is certainly more aggresive, with extensive use of carbon fibre. Among the places the stuff makes its way on to is the bonnet, side skirts, spoiler as well as rather aggressively-shaped front and rear diffusers. The car features a patented stamping process to mass produce the carbon fibre parts, which helps to significantly reduce the cost of the items.

Plenty in the way of radical bulging bits though – check out what passes off as wheel arches on the car, working their way into the remodelled bumpers! Elsewhere, the concept features centrally-mounted twin tailpipes, swanky new headlamps and Oz Racing wheels, among other things.

It features the same supercharger treatment – as the Satria Neo R3 Supercharged – to increase power and torque (which should put it at 180 hp and 200 Nm, presumably), as well as the same Ohlins and AP brake package as seen in the limited-edition Satria Neo Lotus Racing.

The ARTIGA is on display at Proton’s Chinese partner Youngman’s booth, and is there to gauge the public’s feedback and interest. A bit of trivia: The car is sporting a Youngman logo, as Proton currently has no direct presence in China at the moment. Clever name too, ARTIGA is, yes?

Live show photo gallery after the jump. Update: Interior shots added

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