Proton’s Chinese partner Youngman Europestar showcased the Youngman L5 you see above at the 2011 Shanghai Motorshow happening right now.

The Youngman L5 is based on a Proton GEN2 platform with a lengthened wheelbase of 2,670mm which is 70mm longer than the original GEN2 wheelbase. It seems China really does need an extended wheelbase version of everything, including a GEN2!

It was developed in collaboration with Lotus Engineering, with internal and external styling jointly done by Youngman and Lotus for the Chinese market. In the engine bay you’ll find the 1.6 litre Campro CPS engine making 125 horses and 149 Nm of torque.

The red car you see in the gallery is a hatchback, while the white car is a sedan. The Youngman L5 sedan goes for approximately RMB98,000 (about RM45k) while the L5 hatchback is slightly more expensive at RMB108k (RM50k). The price list goes all the way up to RMB122k for the top spec version.

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