Here’s a first view of the Proton P2-30A Global Small Car being tested at night, thanks to AAM GoDrive’s Facebook fan page. Unfortunately the car is pretty heavily disguised at the rear so we can’t see the tail lamp design, but they look like they could be powered by LED.

The tail lamps are mounted high flanking the rear windscreen, and appear to have a teardrop shape, much like those on the Ford Fiesta. The tailgate is trapezoidal shaped like the front grille.


The number plate on this prototype appears to be mounted on the rear bumper, however it might be too early to confirm that this will be the final position as the rear is so heavily disguised. The number plate recess might actually be on the tailgate. Or it might be on the bumper like in the photo.

What do you think of the shape of the car so far? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments. This new B-segment hatchback is expected to go on sale in the first half of 2014.