How big is the upcoming Proton Compact Car? So far we’ve seen many spyshots of the PCC testing in both Malaysia and on snow-covered roads in Europe, and we’ve even peeked into the car’s interior. But since those prototypes were snapped in isolation, we never really got to guess how big the car is.

Well, until today I suppose. Seen here in spy photos sent in by a reader is the new Proton five-door hatchback conveniently photographed driving next to a Honda Jazz Hybrid. The new Proton looks about the same size as the previous-gen Honda Jazz, or dare we say even slightly bigger. Of course, it could just be the angle of the photo. What do you think?

How this translates into interior space will depend on how smart Proton engineers package the cabin. You can very well have a big exterior but a small interior, and the opposite can be true as well.