Proton Iriz_Nama_Siapa_Hebat_Winner 039

The winner of the ‘Nama Siapa Hebat‘ contest held by Proton was announced today. The contest was held – from June 25 to July 25 2013, in anticipation of the launch of Proton’s new compact car.

This is not the first time that Proton has reached out to the public when it comes to naming their new models. The ‘Saga’ and ‘Exora‘ nameplate were also the result of similar efforts made by Proton.

The winner, 20-year old Rishalaini A/P Alagapan, a student in Nilai, stated her reasons behind the idea for the name. The iris, a section of the human eye responsible for controlling the amount of light entering the retina is symbolically linked to “the natural element of Proton looking out for the occupants in the car.”


The ‘Z’ is used in place of the ‘S’ as it gives a “fresh and vibrant way of pronunciation”. Proton claims that the name decision was apt for its intended target audience – which is the younger generation, who would have “their own ways of pronouncing words.”

Proton received a total of 44,650 entries – comprised of 92% online submissions and 8% postal entries. Panel of judges included senior management members of Proton’s Group Communications; Group Marketing, Branding & Motorsports; and Product Strategy Divisions – with Proton’s Head of Design, Azlan Othman, heading the panel of judges.

The prize presentation ceremony was held at the Proton Centre of Excellence in Shah Alam, in conjunction with the Alami Proton event – an open day-weekend. The winner was presented with a brand new Proton Iriz 1.6 Premium CVT.