Honda Press Conference at 2015 NAIAS

Late last year, Honda previewed its hydrogen-powered answer to the Toyota Mirai in the form of the FCV concept – itself a follow-up from the Honda FCEV concept from 2013 – in Japan. Now, the Honda FCV concept has made its North American debut at the 2015 Detroit motor show, taking its next step to production reality.

A production version of the FCV is already slated to go on sale in Japan by the first quarter of 2016 while North American and European sales are expected to commence at a later date. Looking very much like the original concept, the FCV features a low and relatively wide body with unfussy design details.

Honda FCV Concept

If it looks oddly familiar to you, that’s because the general outlook of the whole car is an evolutionary leap from Honda’s last production hydrogen-powered car, the FCX Clarity. Naturally, the performance and operating range of the FCV concept – and its subsequent production variant – is where it truly differs.

A cruising range of up to 700 km is touted for the FCV concept while its 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen tank can be refilled in just three minutes. Staying true to Honda’s brilliant packaging methods, the entire fuel cell assembly is said to fit under the bonnet, freeing up space for up to five passengers in the cabin.

Honda FCV Concept

Compared to the FCX Clarity, the FCV concept boasts a 33% smaller fuel cell stack assembly while possessing an increase in power density of up to 60%. Another interesting feature to note is the addition of a external power feeing function – which effectively makes the FCV concept a mobile power plant.

In addition to its debut, Honda is also set to introduce an all-new plug-in hybrid model as well as a battery-electric vehicle in the near future. A new range of engines – under the Earth Dreams Technology banner – will also be introduced including a new four-cylinder turbo’ed VTEC mill.