2016 Mazda 3 facelift China 1

After the Mazda 6 and CX-5, the Mazda 3 looks set to be the next model in the carmaker’s line-up to undergo a facelift. Thanks to Autohome, we now have a first look at just what those changes might be.

On the exterior, the 3’s front fascia appears to be revamped. A new bumper appears to be in place, which now links the upper and bottom grille areas. Even though various bits of car’s front is either taped up or unfinished, expect minimal changes to the grille and headlamps. Other visible changes include new fog lamp housings that appear sleeker than before.

Moving inside, the Mazda 3 retains its familiar dashboard (with MZD Connect display screen) and three-pod instrument cluster layout. However, the steering wheel appears to be new, featuring thinner bottom spokes compared to the current model.

On the centre stack, the dual zone climate control switchgear may differ from what we get here, resembling that found on the larger 6 sedan. However, this is nothing new because the China-spec 3 has always had this setup.

The more significant alteration takes place just below it on the centre console. That’s right, the handbrake is no more, replaced by an electronic parking brake, as seen on the CX-5 and 6. The new setup sees the Commander Control unit and gear selector pushed closer towards the centre stack as well.

Because of this, the centre console now benefits from additional stowage space (with a sliding cover), as well as a redesigned armrest/storage box, which should help on the practicality front. No other shots of the car were provided, but for now, what do you think of the changes made to the Mazda 3?

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