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Proton has come out to reassure customers that all its cars can be jump-started just like any other car, refuting an earlier photo circulated on social media that claimed that doing so will cause irreparable damage to the Transmission Control Unit (TCU).

At the same time, the national carmaker has said that its cars – like those from other carmakers, it adds – are fitted with electronic components that are sensitive to power surges, and thus has advised owners to refer to the owners manual when it comes to jump-starting their vehicle.

In particular, the company has warned against connecting the negative terminal of the booster battery to the negative terminal of the discharged battery, but on the body surface or engine block of the affected vehicle instead. This would prevent any damage caused to the electronic systems – yes, like the TCU.

Additionally, Proton has also listed the steps found in the owner’s manual to jump-start a car. These include:

  • Vehicles should be close enough so that the jumper cables could be connected, but be sure that the vehicles are not touching each other. Doing so could cause an undesirable ground connection. It will not be possible to start the vehicle, and the bad grounding could damage electrical systems.
  • The assisting vehicle must have a 12-volt battery and the capacity (Ah) of the booster battery should not be significantly lower than that of the discharged battery. This is to avoid damage caused by circuit shorting both vehicles. Only use jumper cables with insulated battery clamps.
  • Vehicle must be positioned in “P” (Park) for an automatic transmission and in neutral for a manual transmission.
  • Turn off the ignition on both vehicles beforehand.
  • When connecting the booster cable, do not connect the positive (+) cable to the negative (-) terminal, as this could cause sparks and result in the battery exploding.
  • The negative jumper cable (black) must never be clamped to fuel lines with metal sheath or to the fuel filter or brake lines as this could cause a fire.
  • Start the engine in the vehicle which has the booster battery, let the engine idle for a few minutes and then start the engine in the vehicle with the discharged battery.
  • After the engine is started, disconnect the cables in reverse order.

For further inspection and to replace the battery, call Proton’s customer care hotline at 1800 888 398; you can also email [email protected] for enquiries and assistance.