One doesn’t have to look hard for good deals these days it seems. Here’s one from Perodua, with the market leader offering savings of up to RM4,200 for the Myvi and RM2,000 for the Alza.

We enquired, and here’s the list of the variants included in this ‘Jom Beli’ campaign. For the Myvi, the biggest cash rebate is RM4,200 for the Myvi SE AT (auto), followed by RM3,820 for the Myvi SE MT (manual). As for the range-topping Myvi Advance, which is auto-only, the cash rebate is RM2,200. All are 1.5L variants.

The only Alza with savings is the Alza AT S (Standard), which comes with RM2,000 off. The campaign period is for the month of October 2016.

GALLERY: Perodua Myvi Advance

GALLERY: Perodua Alza S