Subaru unveiled the second-generation WRX last month and it came with a great many things you’d expect of a model meant to continue the legacy of a rally icon. In addition to the Subaru Global Platform, the sports sedan gets a new 2.4 litre turbocharged engine, a reworked suspension with optional adaptive dampers, a choice between a six-speed manual and CVT, as well as revamped styling.

That last bit was (and probably still is) a big talking point among car fans, as cues like the body cladding, which also seen on the Viziv Performance Concept that previewed the new WRX, attracted quite a fair bit of attention. Some of you even claimed to see hints of the Perodua Bezza, especially when it came to the design of the WRX’s taillights.

Rendering wiz Theophilus Chin took particular notice of the Bezza comments and decided to create what you see before you: a Bezza with bits and pieces from the WRX rendered on. The result is… well, just look at it.

The big changes are immediately obvious, with the WRX’s front bumper, grille and bonnet scoop grafted onto the Bezza’s face. Meanwhile, body cladding is added to the vehicle’s sides, along with a new set of wheels to add to the sportiness.

The rear gets the same WRX treatment as the front, so on goes the performance car’s quad tailpipes, diffuser-like element, rear bumper and lip spoiler. Other details include side mirrors, window frames and a roof painted black, while a “WRX” makes its way onto the boot lid. So, what do you think of Theo’s WRX-inspired Bezza? Leave your comments below.

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