Only just over 20 hours left before the new Proton Concept is unveiled to the world at the Geneva Motorshow in Switzerland. The Proton Concepts teaser website has a new photo uploaded now, showing both the SUV-styled three door version and the silver 5-door hatchback version that was first unveiled. Here’s a recap on what we know of the twin concepts so far:

  • The two concepts are a creative collaboration between Proton, Lotus Engineering and design firm Italdesign Giugiaro.
  • The hatchback version will have five doors and four seats that are independently adjustable and slide-able.
  • The SUV-styled version has increased ground clearance, 3-doors, and it can accommodate 5 instead of just 4 thanks to the interior space saved by the omission of a B-pillar.
  • The car was designed to offer interior spaciousness of a D-segment car with the exterior dimensions of an A-segment car.
  • The hip point is designed to be at just the right natural and ergonomic height – you do not get down into the car like a short sedan or “climb” up into the car like an SUV.
  • It is 3,550 mm in length. That is about a good half meter longer than the Toyota iQ but shorter than the Savvy.
  • It uses a special chassis with a raised floor that allows installation of the combustion engine at the front and batteries in the rear
  • The cars will use a Lotus Range Extender series hybrid drive. A combustion engine will be mounted at the front and will be used only to recharge lithium ion batteries. The batteries power a motor that turns the wheels.

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