Whenever we’ve seen the new P3-21A C-segment Proton sedan so far, it’s always been very heavily disguised to the point that even the tail lamp design are not only just taped up, but are covered up by decoy lenses. You can see an example in the image above.

The cars above were traveling in a rather big convoy that included three different P3-21A prototypes and a Proton Exora Turbo prototype. It just so happens that one of the P3-21A prototypes was a little different from the other two.

Yes, thanks to reader “.drive”, for the first time we’re looking at a P3-21A prototype with some of its tail lamp design showing. There’s no fake lenses covering up the details like on the other two cars you see here.

If you look closely, the exhaust system on this car also looks more refined than the other two cars – the transversely-installed exhaust box is neatly tucked under the rear bumper and there’s a nice single tailpipe, while the installation of the exhaust box for the other two prototypes are not as neat.

We also have a rather high resolution view of the front – I think I can see some projector lenses in the headlamps.

And while the other prototypes have been riding on lightly taped up Proton Inspira wheels, the wheel design on this particular prototype looked a little different – more of a double spoke design than the triple spoke design of the Inspira.

The Proton Exora Turbo traveling with the convoy was a white one with the new front bumper and clear tail lamps. You can’t see it here in this photo but previous shots revealed rear disc brakes for the car, presumably either to handle the increased power that the car has, or as a requirement to run an ESP stability control setup.

Look after the jump for a gallery of spyshots – have a look at the high resolution versions of each image as well as there are some pretty high resolution shots here.