And here we have our first real peek into the interior of Proton’s upcoming P3-21A global sedan, thanks to reader Daud who spotted a group of 3 units being test driven by Proton engineers parked in Genting Sempah.

Click the image below to zoom in and you’ll be able to see some details. We’ve done our best to enhance the contrast of the image so you can make out the details through the reflection. It’s a pretty good looking dashboard, and we think we can spot out paddle shifters, an engine push-start button, and a multi-info display in the instrumentation cluster.

The interior is predominantly a sleek black/dark grey and silver, with a curved centre console that meets the centre dash area. The in-car entertainment controls seem to be mounted high up the dashboard, close to the centre air conditioning vents.

Check out the gallery below for more shots from the set. Some other angles we have area rear disc brakes, an oil cooler spotted behind the bumper, and a shot of the rear tail lamps of the P3-21A lit up.