Proton R3 names MSF-R3 lady drivers line-up – Nurul Husna, Faye Kusairi and Leona Chin to pilot #82 Saga

Team Proton R3 has announced the driver line-up from its MSF-R3 Ladies Racers Search 2019 talent development programme which commenced in August this year; the trio who will be competing in this weekend’s race is comprised of Dayangku Faratiwan Adnil Binti Awang Kusairi – better known as Faye Kusairi, along with Nurul Husna Nasharuddin (pictured) and Leona Chin.

The drivers were selected out of nine finalists which began from the the MSF-R3 Ladies Racers Search 2019 which kicked off in early August, and underwent classroom theory sessions, a tour of Proton R3 facilities as well as practical driver training. All participants in the lady driver search must be current participants in the MSF racing series as a prerequisite.

New livery for the Sepang 1000KM 2019 endurance race

This trio will be competing in the #82 Proton Saga, alongside the #83 Proton Iriz which will be driven by Farique Hairuman and Mitchell Cheah, with the newly-liveried Proton Saga which will be driven by Admi Shahrul and Syafiq Ali. The Saga and Iriz R3 race cars are powered by the same S4PH 1.6 litre, naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine. This is in accordance with the Malaysian Touring Car (MTC) regulations which stipulate the use of a naturally-aspirated engine displacing between 1,401 cc and 1,600 cc.

This will produce peak outputs in the region of 180 hp to 190 hp for the endurance race, said Proton R3 team principal Gary Lee; in other words, almost double that of a showroom-standard 1.6 litre CamPro engine. These outputs are channeled to the driven wheels via a five-speed gearbox and a limited-slip differential.

GALLERY: New livery for Proton Saga R3 race car

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