You read earlier about car number four in the My Proton Makeover programme entering the garage for the rework, and in case you’ve been wondering about the third one, here’s news about the 1996 Iswara Aeroback belonging to Norzamzarini Mohd Bajuri from Muar, Johor.

The return was supposed to be in January, but a quick check on Proton’s Facebook page revealed recent photos of the red Iswara AB 1.3 being rebuilt, and it still is – we’ve just been told that work is still ongoing with the car, with another week or two needed before the car is ready to be handed back to Norzamzarini.

We have no details about how far along the job is, but the photos offer the view that the engine is at the rebuild stage, and primary outfitting work is being carried out, with the seats and door cards giving an idea of how things are shaping up. Promises to be a bright affair, the end result, what with the striking shade chosen – great if you’re a Dutch football fan!

Norzamzarini’s Iswara, when completed, will join Sashideran Radha Krishnan’s 17-year-old Wira and Fadly Hisham Roplay’s 1992 Saga as the R3 makeover specials.