We already know a fair bit of the soon to be launched Proton P3-21A – we have spyshots, videos of it in action, a leaked spec sheet and the estimated price. All we need now, short of Proton’s “world car” being officially launched, is a name to replace the robot sounding codename P3-21A. Well, we have one now!

This image has been circulating online, and it shows the C-segment sedan in a brochure like pose with the name “Proton Prevé” emblazoned above. So P3-21A, is your real name Proton Prevé?

We’ll need an official explanation to confirm, but “preve” means “to prove” or “proof”, which dovetails nicely with the car’s “Drive it to believe it” tagline. There’s only so much we can say, so you’ll need to “drive it to believe it”. Here’s the “proof” that we can come up with a credible world car, I can hear Proton say. In Spanish, prevé or prever means foresee or predict.

We figure that it’s not a name that will roll off Malaysian tongues easily, and there’s bound to be many different “versions” of it, but I’m sure Proton has its rationale. See you soon, Prevé!