Proton Perdana Filem Kapsul 01

Here’s Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed with an undisguised new Proton Perdana, on video. Both man and car will play a part in local movie Filem Kapsul, and these promo clips for the film show snippets of Proton’s upcoming new flagship car. Thanks to reader Eizhan Armani for pointing us to it.

There’s a scene in each video where the new Perdana is shown, one with Tun walking towards the car and another with the Proton chairman seated in the driver’s chair.

The former gives us a glimpse of the Perdana’s front end design, which sports thick chrome wings that span the length of the grille. Other differences from the donor car (previous-gen Honda Accord) spotted by my eagle-eyed colleagues include a unique bonnet with centre contour lines and new wing mirrors with rather large integrated turn signals.

Proton Perdana Filem Kapsul 02

Look through the windscreen and you’ll see that the C pillars of the Perdana differ from the Accord’s (there’s a small quarter glass), further proof that the big Proton will have some differentiation with the body, unlike today’s government-use Perdana, which is merely a rebadge of the large Honda.

The second scene reveals what looks like an unchanged Accord upper dash design, but there’s a white (or cream) steering wheel in place that matches the seats and upper cabin trim. And is that an auto-dimming rear view mirror?

While the current Proton Perdana is nothing but a previous-gen Honda Accord with Proton badges for government official use, the second phase of development involves more work on a car that you and me can buy. DRB-Hicom group MD Tan Sri Khamil Jamil told us some time back that the public-use Perdana will have a new interior and exterior that will set it apart from the donor Accord.

The second-phase Perdana is scheduled for a 2016 release, and we’re expecting it to launch with Honda powertrains. Or will a new Proton-Petronas engine be ready by then? Proton acquired all of Petronas’ engine technologies and associated patents for RM63 million in 2012, and we were told last year that direct-injection and turbo direct-injection are among the acquired tech, and that they “can be applied to all engines.”

Current government-use Proton Perdana