Hold on, haven’t we been here before? In fact we have, which saw graphics maestro Theophilus Chin bring us a visual rendition of a Proton C-segment sedan dubbed the S50, so-called as it was drawn with plenty of visual elements brought over from the X50 SUV. This time around, Theophilus has revisited the S50 idea, albeit starting with the Geely Emgrand, to which he has applied Proton visual signatures.

At 4,638 mm long, 1,820 mm wide and 1,460 mm tall with a 2,650 mm wheelbase, Theophilus notes that the Emgrand’s dimensions place the sedan somewhere between the B- and C-segments, and initial specifications allude to those of a B+ segment model, as the Emgrand which this is based on, uses the BMA platform which underpins the Binyue.

The Emgrand’s grille with vertical slats has been replaced with the Proton signature Infinite Weave item, to which the Proton logo has been applied as well, in place of the Geely logo. The front bumper used for this ‘S50’ rendition appears to be the same as that on the Geely Emgrand.

According to the accompanying video walkthrough of the rendition, the ‘S50’ badges have been adapted from the typeface used for the Volvo S60, which Theophilus has used on the showroom display plates as well as for the bootlid-mounted logo.

In line with the shared-body approach, Theophilus has also carried over the rear end styling of the Emgrand for this S50 rendition. Here, the aforementioned ‘S50’ badging as well as Proton badging is applied to the centre of the tail lamp assembly, in place of the original Geely branding. Also used in this graphic renditon of the S50 are the wheels from the Emgrand.

Theophilus has also additionally shown an interior rendering of the Proton sedan, showing the transition from left-hand-drive Emgrand to right-hand-drive S50. Even the content of the infotainment display has been localised – note ‘Petaling Jaya’ on the displayed weather and location tiles.

What do you think, dear readers? Does this Geely Emgrand-based rendition of a Proton “S50” sedan look much closer to something that could reach production reality?