Yes, yet another new number plate series has popped up, and this one is called UU. The new plate series is an initiative by Golf Gemilang, a programme that aims to elevate Malaysia’s standing in competitive golf via a long-term junior golf development programme. Proceeds from the sale of the UU plate series will go towards supporting a framework for training and educating junior golfers from across the country.

As is the case with special number plates, the UU plate series will be available for purchase through a bidding process. No mention is made on what the minimum bid price is, but like other plates, expect double-digit, “golden” numbers and popular repetitive four-digit numbers to command a significant premium. The series – numbered from UU 1 to UU 9999 – is open for bidding and ends on April 2.

The UU series follows on the Q series plate that was announced last week. Other special number plate series that have come about include GG (which would have been perfect for this outing) , SAM, K1M, T1M, A1M, US, SMS, NBOS, NAAM, VIP, G, GT, U, Y, PERFECT and PATRIOT.

Expect there to be more, of course.