The Proton Prevé has been launched, so what are these testing pics doing here? Snapped by the male (it has to be) behind, these two pics are of left-hand drive Prevés undergoing testing in Shah Alam.

The first image shows the rear of the Prevé sporting an “LH DRIVE” sticker. In what looks like a highway rest stop, the blogger approached the cars for a chat with the testers and snapped a pic of the steering on the left side.

No surprise here, since the Prevé is Proton’s first global car, and exports are part of the masterplan. Traditional export markets for Proton are the UK and Australia, where the Prevé will be launched in September. More recently, the national carmaker started selling in neghbouring markets such as Thailand and Indonesia. These are all right-hand drive markets.

The emergence of LHD mules signals Proton’s intent to sell the Prevé in countries that drive on the right side of the road. Possible markets are China (where Proton has a collaboration with Youngman) and Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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