2014 Mazda2 19

Mazda Motor Corporation has officially announced in a press release that production of the new Mazda 2 has begun at its Thai production facility, Auto Alliance Thailand (AAT). The first batch of cars to roll off the production line will be headed for the Australian market. AAT is the second facility to produce the Mazda 2 after initial production began at Mazda’s Hofu plant.

Mazda’s AAT plant has been producing the Mazda 2 since September 2009 and has churned out a total of 182,663 units as of July 2014. The Mazda 2 that is currently on sale right now is assembled at the same plant in Rayong, Thailand – which is also where the Ford Fiesta is built.

Following up from the Aussie-bound units, AAT will begin production of the new 2 for the ASEAN market as well as other countries in the Oceania region. In Mexico, the company’s new plant, Mazda de Mexico Vehicle Operation (MMVO) will complete the global supply system when it begins production within 2014.

The arrival of the new Mazda 2 is not far away with local distributor, Bermaz, already aiming to price the car competitively. Check out our driving impression of the new Mazda 2 here.