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  • Renault plans US$3,000 (Rs 1.19 Lakh) Car

    Renault is looking into making a budget car even cheaper than the Renault Logan, and its production base and initial market will be India, home of the Rs 1-Lakh car project. Renault wants its new […]

  • Nissan FORUM Concept

    Nissan’s FORUM Concept will be showcase at the 2008 Detroit Motor Show in January next year, and it is a vehicle that Nissan hopes to produce in the future for all your Nissan Grand Livina […]

  • Nissan Grand Livina front grille modification

    Click to enlarge Here are some ideas from graphic artist Theophilus Chin for those who are into modifying their cars and plan to get a Nissan Grand Livina. Above is the Nissan Livina Geniss grille, […]

  • Wheel jack recall for GEN2 and Satria Neo

    Proton has just announced a recall for a certain wheel jack supplied with Proton GEN2s since January 2004 to date, and Proton Satria Neos since April 2006 to date. If you have a bronze/gold-ish jack […]

  • Proton helps East-Coast flood victims

    Answering our government’s call for corporations to help the flood victims in the East-Coast, Proton has pledged cash, Proton branded apparels as well as daily sundries and personal items, which include rice, cooking oil, milk, […]


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