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  • Proton Exora production ends: 14 years, 196,583 units

    Proton Exora production ends: 14 years, 196,583 units

    The time has come: production of the Proton Exora has come to an end today, as revealed by a photo coming out of the national carmaker’s Medium Volume Factory (MVF) bearing the words 14 years, Last MPV Exora, #196583, 18/10/23 and TQ Proton. What a run for the country’s first homegrown MPV (the Juara and Perodua Rusa were rebadged vans).

    UPDATE: Proton has confirmed that the Exora’s production run has ended. Figures above are official.

    Developed under the codename P6-20A and named via a public competition (not without its own controversy, no less), the Exora was first launched way back in April 2009. So yes, it has been a long 14 years for the MPV, and it’s now finally being retired after a production run of 196,583 units. That’s more than enough to take Malaysia’s C-segment MPV sales crown year after year after year.

    The Exora has gone through countless updates and alterations through its lifetime. Its cheapest-ever form was the RM56,888 Standard MT from 2015, while it topped out at RM88,998 for the six-seater Exora Prime in 2011 (now this one had captain seats 12 years before the X90!). Currently wearing its third different set of Proton logos, the 2023 Exora is priced between RM62,800 and RM69,800.

    2009 Proton Exora on left, 2023 Proton Exora on right.

    Initially launched with a rather weak naturally-aspirated CamPro CPS engine for its considerable weight, the Exora became the very first Proton to feature a turbocharged engine with the CamPro Charged Fuel Efficiency (CFE) introduced in the Exora Bold in 2011. Speaking of, the CFE also saw its long production run come to an end just last week.

    Customers endured a love/hate relationship with the turbocharged engine, especially with its thirst for fuel and seemingly never-ending oil cooler hose (OCH) issues. The latter was officially recalled in 2016, though its problems persisted through multiple revisions even as recently as 2022.

    On a happier note, the Exora was awarded a four-star Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) crash safety rating in 2013. Widely regarded as a far more stringent test than the local ASEAN NCAP, the result was certainly impressive for its time.

    2010 Proton Lekiu SUV Concept on left, 2015 Proton Pick-up Concept on right.

    The Exora also spawned Proton’s Range Extender Electric prototype in 2010, while its platform was used to underpin 2010’s Lekiu SUV Concept and the Pick-up Concept in 2015. The year 2019 even saw an autonomous-driving Exora being showcased in Putrajaya. Now, the MPV is truly living up to its multi-purpose moniker, being used as a mobile EV charging van by Gentari.

    Clearly, through many ups and downs, the Proton Exora has had a long and fruitful life. Take a bow, Exora, and enjoy retirement – you definitely deserve some rest.

  • 2022 Proton Exora to launch August 19, registrations open – minor changes, oil cooler hose update?

    2022 Proton Exora to launch August 19, registrations open – minor changes, oil cooler hose update?

    It appears that Proton is about to unveil an updated version of its long-running MPV model, the Exora this week, according to a post on its Facebook page telling its viewers that something is “coming to you” on August 19, 2022, along with a link to its page for registrations of interest for the upcoming model.

    Proton deupty CEO Roslan Abdullah confirmed earlier in May that the Exora will receive a refresh this year, and so this is most likely to be the update that has been in the works for the brand’s people-mover.

    The tagline attached to the social media post reads “the performance to run free,” suggesting that the coming update for the Exora will bring renewed vigour, and judging by the depiction of horses in the imagery, perhaps there will some added horsepower to drive said performance? We will soon find out.

    2022 Proton Exora to launch August 19, registrations open – minor changes, oil cooler hose update?

    2019 Proton Exora RC Premium (below)

    Back to the earlier information provided by Roslan, the deputy CEO said that the coming update for the Exora will be more substantial than the last one it received in 2011, though it will be not quite to the extent applied to the Saga facelift in May.

    Roslan did not divulge specific details on the Exora’s future powertrain at the time, though a new engine for the MPV possibly introduced later in its lifecycle could be either the 1.8 litre four-cylinder unit in the X70, or the 1.5 litre three-cylinder unit in the X50, which the larger SUV received in a minor change (MC) update.

    The carmaker’s deputy CEO also reiterated that the company is aware of the oil cooler hose (OCH) issue that has affected the CFE engine in the Exora, saying in May that Proton is designing a new version of the part that should be more durable. This coming model update for the Exora would appear to be a good time for its inclusion.

    GALLERY: 2019 Proton Exora 1.6T Premium

  • 2022 Proton Exora coming soon with minor updates

    2022 Proton Exora coming soon with minor updates

    With the Saga having just been updated, the Exora is now Proton’s oldest model, untouched since the 2019 running change (RC). The seven-seater MPV is also the only one in its lineup not to feature the company’s new circular logo, meaning that it sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Asked point blank at the 2022 Saga launch whether the Exora will receive a similar refresh this year, deputy CEO Roslan Abdullah simply said yes. The 2022 model will come with new features, he added, although they “will be less than the Saga,” so don’t expect any big changes for the ageing model. This certainly won’t be a facelift in the traditional sense.

    As such, the 13-year-old Exora will remain largely unchanged since its 2011 facelift, during which it also received the 1.6 litre turbocharged Campro CFE engine and CVT. Roslan acknowledged that the car has survived on minor updates for some time now but said that while sales volumes are low (consistently between 400 to 500 units a month), there is still demand for the car, justifying its continued survival.

    He also reiterated the company’s awareness of the oil cooler hose (OCH) issue that has plagued the CFE engine, saying that Proton’s engineers are in the midst of designing a new version of the part that he hopes will be more durable. He added that the company is still actively looking for customers who have actually experienced the problem.

    Roslan said a more substantial facelift is indeed in the works for the Exora, involving not just visual changes inside and out but also potentially a new powertrain. He stopped short of mentioning which engine is being considered, but we can assume it will be either the X70‘s 1.8 litre turbocharged four-cylinder or the X50‘s 1.5 litre turbo three-pot.

    He added, however, that the company is still having an internal discussion about the extent of the redesign, saying that the management has to be convinced the revisions will have to generate enough sales volume to justify the additional investment.

    GALLERY: 2019 Proton Exora 1.6T Premium


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