Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) has introduced a new digital showroom, and what’s unique about it is that it provides an indication of models and variants on hand at dealerships, making it easy for potential customers to ascertain if the particular model that they’re eyeing is available at a dealership near them.

The listings are dynamic, with inventory being updated on what looks to be a daily basis, as shown from perusing the site yesterday and again today. For example, there were 30 units of the W177 and V177 A-Class listed as on sale yesterday, while it’s 29 cars today.

Currently, the bulk of the dealership listings are for the sedan, with 20 units of the A 35 Sedan and a solitary A 250 Sedan AMG Line available. Those looking at the hatchback have only the two AMG models, the A 45 S (six units) – initially offered in Edition 1 form and then updated in March this year – and the A 35 (three units) to pick from.

Although there are currently no civilian W177s (the A 200 Progressive Line, A 250 AMG Line) listed, they are still around, likely awaiting introduction in CKD form – earlier this year, MBM confirmed plans of introducing locally-assembled compact car models, and the A-Class should be at the top of that list, although when that will come about is anyone’s guess. Word on the grapevine says that deployment plans have been delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As for the locally-assembled W205 C-Class, 69 units are listed, and all are C 300 AMG Line facelifts with the Sports suspension. One unit has moved since yesterday, when the tally was 70 units. Those looking for a C 200 AMG Line may have to call a dealership directly for availability, because none are in sight on the website.

While the W213 E-Class facelift‘s debut is right around the corner, there’s still run-out stock of the pre-facelift, with 33 units present at time of writing, consisting primarily of the E 300 Exclusive Line variant (20 units). There are also four E 350 and nine E 200 Sportstyle Avantgarde. The E-Class count was 34 units yesterday, and the unit off the list is an E 200.

Next, the H247 GLA, which was introduced in Malaysia last December. Only five units of the fully-imported SUV are listed, all GLA 250 AMG Line versions, so it looks like those wanting a GLA 200 will have to check on availability directly.

Moving on, we get to the GLC SUV and Coupe listings, and there are quite a few of these, with 60 units in all, down three from the 63 records in place yesterday (as seen in the screen cap image above). Most are of the X253 GLC 300 4Matic, with the site having a current count of 38 units (41 yesterday).

The GLC 200 AMG Line option is also available, with 11 units to pick from (one was added today, because there were only 10 yesterday). As for the C253 GLC 300 4Matic Coupe, 11 units are available (12 yesterday).

Lastly, the site has inventory of the V167 GLE, which was introduced in CKD form in May this year. There were initially 24 listings of the GLE 450 4Matic AMG Line, but today’s count is down to 20. There are no listings for the C167 GLE Coupe, so again, a direct enquiry is needed.

There are quite a few models absent from the digital showroom line-up. Whether these are no longer available or simply a case of not being listed (but available) isn’t ascertained – we were told by MBM that the showroom is simply a means for dealers to highlight their particular wares, in essence making it easy for a customer to sight availability or a colour preference. It is not an inventory count of total stock availability per se.

Nnnetheless, notable absentees include the C118 CLA, of which only one variant has been introduced here. This is the C 45 S, which was updated in March this year.

Another model that has zero listings is the X247 GLB, which debuted locally in September last year in GLB 200, GLB 250 4Matic and GLB 35 4Matic forms – none of the three variants are on show. Also missing is the W222 S-Class, last seen in its S 560 e hybrid guise, as well as the W247 B 200 and C257 CLS.

Conveniently, the individual showroom listings are tied to dealerships offering the stock, so it makes it easier for customers shopping for a particular model or variant to see if an outlet near them has the model – in the colour – they want. Dealerships that are present in the digital showroom are Hap Seng Star, Cycle & Carriage Bintang, NZ Wheels, Minsoon Credit, Asbenz Motors, BR Jaya and N.A. Classic.